"The essence of Action Poetry is speed, spontaneity and responsiveness to others in the room."

These words kicked off an unexpected new wave in Internet poetry in April 2001 when the long-running Literary Kicks website launched a message board called Action Poetry, a name inspired by the "action painting" of Jackson Pollock.

Since then, over 7000 poets have published over 120,000 poems here. A new Action Poetry site is now live in beta, and we will be open for new poetry and new interactions on October 2, 2013. Till then, please feel free to browse the archives and help us test the new software by either logging in via Facebook or creating a new username.

IMPORTANT: If you have already shared poems on Action Poetry and would like to hook up your new Facebook login or new Actionpoetry.net account with your past work, please email us at actionpoetry@gmail.com with a brief note listing any usernames you've used in the past. We will connect your old poems with your new account.

Also, please email us at actionpoetry@gmail.com if you have any technical problems using this site.

How does Action Poetry work?

Action Poetry is an open and free space for sharing and responding to original poetry. We encourage poets to respond in verse to each other's poems. Most importantly, we encourage poets to be friendly and open-minded in their reactions to each other's work.

In order to make sure we keep this space free from spammers and trolls, we review posts before they are published.

Action Poetry is an ongoing experiment, and it's just for fun. That's pretty much all you need to know to get started.

What is poetry?

We have no idea.

What is Action Poetry?


Who can post a poem here?


Who runs this site?

Levi Asher, with help from many friends.

Who owns the poems published here?

You, the author of a poem, are the owner of your poems and your words. As far as we are concerned, your work is copyrighted by you.

By posting your poems or your words to ActionPoetry.net, you are giving ActionPoetry.net the right to display the poem. We do not claim any ownership or copyright of your poetry, just the right to display it.

In legalese, here is how it works (this paragraph is a standard website contributor service agreement):

By posting any writing on ActionPoetry.net, you give ActionPoetry.net a non-exclusive worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable, transferable license to utilize all copyright rights now in existence or that may arise in the future with respect to your User Content, in any medium that now exists or may arise in the future, as well as to do anything else that is reasonably appropriate to our Service and its use of your User Content (including, but not limited to, use of your name in association with your User Content to identify you as the contributor). The license has no restriction as to the medium, dissemination method, type of Service we may offer, or the type of systems or products that may be used in conjunction with your User Content.

We do not offer any editorial services, and you cannot change, delete or edit your poem after it is posted. You can, however, remove a poem from your poet profile.